Wednesday, February 10

A ribbon bow you like my model?
She was so well behaved during her debut
photo shoot. She did everything I told her.

Today I went to a craft group with my church
and I was taught how to make a ribbon bow.
It turned out really well. It was my first
attempt at making a bow and I love it.
I will definitely be making some more
of these cute bows in the future.
Who knows maybe I can make some different
variations too. They are perfect for all of my
very cute cute cute niece's (and my dog ;) )!!

I felt like adding a little more pizazz...
my poor dog....she is such a good sport.

No dogs were harmed during this photo shoot tehehe...
(And she was very well rewarded with many treats)!!!

Until next time have fun experimenting....
Whatever you do have a great day!!!

P.S. A shout out to my friend Tiniel's mom who
is now cancer free!!! YAY!!!!

1 comment:

'T' said...

you are a hoot!
you're dog is trooper.
thanks for the support!