Wednesday, March 31

One of a kind

I really struggled trying to figure out
how to use this stamp set. And I have
a cricut that I love but am not really
familiar I decided I would
reach out of my comfort level and try some things
that I had not used very much.
I am really happy with the end result.
I started off with only one card and accidentally
made the birds too I said not to comfortable
with the cricut yet....but my mess up gave me an idea
for a slightly different look which resulted
in the second card that I love too. So even mess ups
can end good!!!
Alright, well I just love these cards and I love that
it's good to be different. Well at least that's what I
tell myself when people look at me funny because
I do something silly....hehehe
Here's what I used:
  • Not Quite Navy card stock #101722
  • Kraft card stock #102125
  • Very Vanilla card stock #101650
  • Chocolate Chip classic ink pad #100908
  • Not Quite Navy classic ink pad #103008
  • Earth Elements brads #106955
  • Define Your Life stamp set #114950
  • Mat Pack #105826
  • Paper Piercer #116631
  • Stampin Sponges #101610
  • Cricut
  • George and Basic Shapes cricut cartridge
  • Stretch Your Imagination cricut cartridge

Now that I have actually used this stamp set

I love it!!!! And I have so many ideas just running

through this brain of of which you will

see come back tomorrow.

Whatever you do have a great day!!!

Tuesday, March 30

Welcome Neighbor

Here is a little something I came up with for
a new neighbor....but I guess it's universal
enough that if you just wanted to say hello
to a friend you could use it, or an existing
neighbor that you already know and love.
Whatever tickles your fancy.
I have had this paper sitting in my drawer
just bored as could be....every once in a while
I swear I could hear a faint "use me please"
coming from the drawer it was in.
So I answered it's plea and am
quite happy with it's new home on the card.
Here's what I used:
  • Bermuda Bay card stock #115317
  • Crushed Curry card stock #115319
  • Welcome Neighbor DS paper pad #118401
  • Whisper White card stock #100730
  • Many Marvelous Markers #105541
  • Good Neighbors cm stamp set #119116
  • Scallop Trim Border punch #118402
  • 1 -1/4" Square punch #104400
  • Versa Mark stamp pad #102283
  • Vintage brads #109109
  • Outlined for Fun stamp set
  • Brown embossing powder
  • Heat gun

Enjoy.....Have a great day!!!!

Monday, March 29

Silly Sealife

I tried something new on this card....

I did watercolor painting on the

background for the little fishies.

I used Stampin Up!'s aqua painter

and their stamp pads to create an

underwater look on the watercolor paper. I think it

turned out pretty alright....especially for my first.


I love this stamp just makes me smile

every time I see it. I hope you enjoy it too.


I just really enjoy trying new crafts!!!

What are some crafts you enjoy doing?

Maybe I can learn a little something from tell me....what gets you ticking?

Friday, March 26

Double giveaway!!!

This time around we are going to have 2 winners!!!!
The first name drawn will get first pick of the
two paper boxes, and the second winner
will get the one that is left.
Alright so you know the rules and if not I will list
them for you so get ready to comment or send
someone to the blog......
Here is how you can win this wonderful
paper box with 6 matching cards and envelopes!!
Leave a comment on this post
( 1 point possible )
Tell a friend and have them leave a comment
with a shout out to you
( 1 point for them, 1 point for you for each friend)
Follow my blog
(2 points)
It's that easy....and you know what else
is easy.....these boxes!!!!
These were made using one sheet of 2 sided
designer paper....and the 3 pieces of cream
colored paper for the cards.
It was so easy and so fun and when you are done
you have 6 beautiful cards that match the box
that they are in just got a little
easier. Clean, simple, easy bulk!!!

To decorate the cards I added a flower, or
embellished with some buttons or ribbon.
It was so easy and pretty fast for making 6 cards.
This would make a great gift for someone.....
or you could simply have them stocked up
in you home so when you need a card quick you
have on handy. and it looks cute until you need it.
Well that's all for today....good luck
Whatever you do have a great day!!!!

Thursday, March 25

YOU WON!!!!!

Alright...first off please pay no attention

to the messy desk in the background.

We all have them lingering somewhere.....

maybe not....but I do and it's hard to keep a craft

area tidy!!!! Well anyways, congratulations to the winner

and please send me your address to

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, March 18

Happy Birthday Friend

Alright so I am in love with this Vintage Vogue
stamp set!!! This is what I decided to make
for the next card group. The theme this month
is a Woman's Birthday!!!
I decided to make the Birthday card for a friend
because I am on an appreciating your
friends high right now.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!
Here's what I used:
  • Ruby Red card stock #102030
  • Old Olive card stock #100702
  • Confetti Cream card stock #102835
  • Ruby Red classic ink pad # 102259
  • Old Olive classic ink pad #102277
  • Chocolate Chip classic ink pad #100908
  • Step Bird punch #117191
  • Vintage Vogue cm stamp set #118598
  • Well Scripted cm stamp set #118601
  • Mat pack #105826
  • Paper piercer #116631
  • Stampin sponges #101610
  • SNAIL adhesive #104332
  • Stampin dimensionals #104430
  • Old Olive brad #106995
  • Fern Lace stamp set

Whatever you do have a great day!!!!


One thing that I have truly appreciated
throughout the years is all of the people
that have come into and out of my life.
Wether through crafting, military, church,
school, or working out they have all
had a major impact on my life.
Now I am the first to admit....I am a horrible
friend!!! Now don't get me wrong, I am good
when they are close and I can see them regularly!!!
But, move them across the country and although I
think of them often, I am horrible about
picking up the phone, sending an e-mail, or
a card. I am a horrible long distance friend.
I just want all of you to know that I do care
about all of you very much and I think of you
and your families all the time!!!!
My life is better knowing that you have been
or are a part of it. So thank you for all you do
or have done and this card.....via my blog.....

Thursday, March 11

Lovely as a Tree

Alright.... I am so excited for Spring that I
wanted to make a card that looked like Spring.
Goodbye Winter!!!!! Don't worry Winter
I will be happy to see you when you come again.
Who am I kidding.....I spent the winter in Georgia
with one day of snow....Hey, it got chilly!!!
I am ready for warm sunny weather.
Here's what I used:
  • Naturals Ivory card stock#101849
  • Old Olive card stock #100702
  • Old Olive classic ink pad #102277
  • In Color marker set #116329
  • Soft Suede polka dot ribbon #115612
  • Lovely as a Tree #115026
  • SNAIL adhesive #104332
  • Stampin dimensionals #104430

Wednesday, March 10


Doesn't that look so fun and yummy?
With Easter right around the corner I thought
I should have my giveaway be Easterrific!!!
And what is more Easterrific than candy,
crinkle cut paper and a basket.....or 5?
These are some little baskets that I literally
threw together in about 15 minutes.
These were made using a 6 x 6 paper and
a book binding ring....that's right....
it's that easy!!!!
But, you can make them with a 9 x 9
or a 12 x 12 paper too....if you want them a
little bigger.
So here is how you can win these
cute little baskets just in time for Easter.
I will have another live drawing in two weeks.
That would be Wednesday March 24th.

Leave a comment on this post
(1 point possible)
Tell a friend and have them leave a comment
with a shout out to you
(1 point for you, 1 point for them)
Follow my blog
(2 points)
It's that easy!!!
So leave a comment and tell a friend.
I will have a picture on the right side of my blog
that you can click on to link right
to the giveaway.
Alright, well that's it for today!!!!
Whatever you do have a great day!!!

Tuesday, March 9

And the winner is......

Well whatever self-esteem I had was thrown

the window when I saw this video....teehee

I don't know what it is about home movies....but

I am not a fan....anywho.....a small price

to pay to announce the winner.

Congratulations, you lucky you.

Just shoot me an e-mail at

with your address.

Come back tomorrow to see what

the next giveaway will be.

see you then!!!


Shout out to my wonderful husband

who was my director, producer and cameraman!!!

He was also my technical support to figure

out how to get my video on the blog.

What a hunk......I am so lucky!!!


Monday, March 8

So tweet....

That's what I think about these cards!!!
I just love the simplicity and cuteness of them.
I don't know why I like birds so much,
but I do....
They are just so cute...
They make me smile.....
and smiling is birds are good in my book!!!
I made these little birdies using my cricut.....
which I lOVE!!!! But, I am still figuring it out.
it is fairly new and I would love to just buy every
cartridge I see but unfortunately I don't live
in a fairy tale.....pretty darn close....but reality
none the less.
So I used the Stretch your imagination cartridge.
It is really cute and I am sure there are about a
million different things you could do with this
cartridge, but once again....reality, I am still learning!!
Have fun experimenting....
Whatever you do have a great day!!!!

Saturday, March 6

Vintage Vogue Matchbox

It's the matchbox die from Stampin Up!
I have been so excited to use this and make
something, anything with it!!!
And since I have been on a vintage kick I
thought why not do that.
These little boxes will hold so many variations
of little candies and they are just great, great, great!!
I would normally cover the Nerds boxes in
some fabulous way, but I am going to use my
left over Valentine candy and cover them for
easter. So I didn't cover them this time.
but, soon I will have these cute Matchbox dies
with some Easter decor and the candies will
be keep on the lookout.
Here's what I used:
  • Old Olive cardstock #100702
  • Kraft card stock #102125
  • Old Olive classc ink pad #102277
  • Perfect Plum classic ink pad #101437
  • Chocolate Chip classic ink pad #100908
  • Matchbox die #114890
  • Stampin Sponges #101610
  • SNAIL adhesive #104332
  • Vintage Vogue stamp set #118598
  • Sizzix Big Kick

Until next time have fun experimenting....

Whatever you do have a great day!!!

Friday, March 5

No pun intented.....

Best Fishes
Or was it.... ;)
So these are some really cute cards
that I love to make. At first I
these are so easy.
Then I realized they are
actually pretty time consuming. Not so much if you are
making one or can get them done pretty quick.
But I sat down to make a lot....around 80 and it took
me days. However, I did decide to do some embossing
and then instead of stamping the image right inside
on the white paper.....I decided to color them in and cut them
out so I could add a dimensional on the back and
have them pop through the little window.
Man, I love the card but those 2 steps added a lot more work for me.
If you want to make the card a little easier, I suggest stamping
the image directly on the white paper inside the window and not
embossing the phrase on the card.
This is what it looks like inside.
Bug me anytime
Hoppy for you
Sweet stuff
Chirp up
Like no Udder
The saying that actually goes with
this is Crib notes...but for the pink
girl card I added Tickled Pink
and, for the boy card (which is the same
stamp set just colored different) I left the
crib notes saying.
Tickled Pink
the original....this is where I took it
from for the baby girl card.
All in all these are really cute cards.
The design around the window is hand drawn
with a gel pen, and I tied a knot in a thin piece
of ribbon and stuck it on the corner.
You could put anything you want in
the window, for Christmas I did a tree
inside the window. You could only see the
top of the tree with the star and when you
opened the card you could see the entire tree with
presents. That one I just stamped right onto the
white paper inside the card.
You can really make this card really simple
by stamping right inside the card and not embossing.
And it still will look great too!!!
Until next time have fun experimenting....
Whatever you do have a great day!!!

Monday, March 1

Vintage Vogue

I am really liking this vintage, old
looking card thing!!! They are really
fun to make and I just like them.
The camera really just does not do justice
to any of the cards.
I know as a friend to some people....(what, I
have friends!!!!) I would love to get a
card like this....I am not dropping any hints
or anything....I am just saying I like the card.
Maybe, there was a little hint...hehe ;)
I stamped the flower and cut it out,
thinking I would use it on the front. I didn't
like it on the front....I just couldn't figure out
where to put it, so I decided to put it on
the inside and stamp the bottom border.
And I think it's really cute that way. Usually the
inside of my cards are boring....unless I write some
fantastical story in it's cute before
I write love love it!!!

Here's what I used:
  • Naturals Ivory card stock #101849
  • Old Olive card stock #100702
  • Ruby Red card stock #102030
  • Old Olive classic ink pad #102277
  • Ruby Red classic ink pad #102259
  • Chocolate chip ink pad #100908
  • Vintage Vogue clear mount stamp set #118958
  • Soft Suede grossgrain polka dot ribbon #115612
  • SNAIL adhesive #104332
  • Stampin dimensionals #104430
  • Stamping sponges #101610
  • Scissors

Until next time have fun experimenting...

Whatever you do have a great day!!!