Wednesday, March 10


Doesn't that look so fun and yummy?
With Easter right around the corner I thought
I should have my giveaway be Easterrific!!!
And what is more Easterrific than candy,
crinkle cut paper and a basket.....or 5?
These are some little baskets that I literally
threw together in about 15 minutes.
These were made using a 6 x 6 paper and
a book binding ring....that's right....
it's that easy!!!!
But, you can make them with a 9 x 9
or a 12 x 12 paper too....if you want them a
little bigger.
So here is how you can win these
cute little baskets just in time for Easter.
I will have another live drawing in two weeks.
That would be Wednesday March 24th.

Leave a comment on this post
(1 point possible)
Tell a friend and have them leave a comment
with a shout out to you
(1 point for you, 1 point for them)
Follow my blog
(2 points)
It's that easy!!!
So leave a comment and tell a friend.
I will have a picture on the right side of my blog
that you can click on to link right
to the giveaway.
Alright, well that's it for today!!!!
Whatever you do have a great day!!!


'T' said...

oh these are brilliant, and i SO follow you=

cindy said...

following the blog! very cool!


Anonymous said...

cool beans Sarah!! Love the baskets. MOM

Maggie Cole said...

I love that and wish I can do something like that but the only thing I can do is chocolate candy and chocolate cover Oreo Cookies. You are way more talented than me. See and talk to later bye and hugs
Maggie Cole

Ben and Linds said...

I love these baskets... I think it is my turn to win J/K!!!!

Casey O'Hara said...

Very cute!! I wish I was not creatively challenged!!

Linds@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

SERIOIUSLY? That's such a great great GREAT craft!
Do you wanna do me a favor? Make a Tutorial on how to make these and then post all these cute pics so that I can feature ya?!!!
(I'm a follower)

Missy said...

These are very cute and creative!!

Sandy Binkley said...

Wow, Sarah, these are so cute. I love your stuff on here!!!. I followed your mom's link from her facebook, she's wanting to win your drawing!

lisa BOTTORFF said...

oh sarah these are awesome I knew you always had some of me in you

lisa bottorff said...