Friday, March 5

No pun intented.....

Best Fishes
Or was it.... ;)
So these are some really cute cards
that I love to make. At first I
these are so easy.
Then I realized they are
actually pretty time consuming. Not so much if you are
making one or can get them done pretty quick.
But I sat down to make a lot....around 80 and it took
me days. However, I did decide to do some embossing
and then instead of stamping the image right inside
on the white paper.....I decided to color them in and cut them
out so I could add a dimensional on the back and
have them pop through the little window.
Man, I love the card but those 2 steps added a lot more work for me.
If you want to make the card a little easier, I suggest stamping
the image directly on the white paper inside the window and not
embossing the phrase on the card.
This is what it looks like inside.
Bug me anytime
Hoppy for you
Sweet stuff
Chirp up
Like no Udder
The saying that actually goes with
this is Crib notes...but for the pink
girl card I added Tickled Pink
and, for the boy card (which is the same
stamp set just colored different) I left the
crib notes saying.
Tickled Pink
the original....this is where I took it
from for the baby girl card.
All in all these are really cute cards.
The design around the window is hand drawn
with a gel pen, and I tied a knot in a thin piece
of ribbon and stuck it on the corner.
You could put anything you want in
the window, for Christmas I did a tree
inside the window. You could only see the
top of the tree with the star and when you
opened the card you could see the entire tree with
presents. That one I just stamped right onto the
white paper inside the card.
You can really make this card really simple
by stamping right inside the card and not embossing.
And it still will look great too!!!
Until next time have fun experimenting....
Whatever you do have a great day!!!

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'T' said...

those cards would bring anyone joy! how is your dad doing?