Friday, March 26

Double giveaway!!!

This time around we are going to have 2 winners!!!!
The first name drawn will get first pick of the
two paper boxes, and the second winner
will get the one that is left.
Alright so you know the rules and if not I will list
them for you so get ready to comment or send
someone to the blog......
Here is how you can win this wonderful
paper box with 6 matching cards and envelopes!!
Leave a comment on this post
( 1 point possible )
Tell a friend and have them leave a comment
with a shout out to you
( 1 point for them, 1 point for you for each friend)
Follow my blog
(2 points)
It's that easy....and you know what else
is easy.....these boxes!!!!
These were made using one sheet of 2 sided
designer paper....and the 3 pieces of cream
colored paper for the cards.
It was so easy and so fun and when you are done
you have 6 beautiful cards that match the box
that they are in just got a little
easier. Clean, simple, easy bulk!!!

To decorate the cards I added a flower, or
embellished with some buttons or ribbon.
It was so easy and pretty fast for making 6 cards.
This would make a great gift for someone.....
or you could simply have them stocked up
in you home so when you need a card quick you
have on handy. and it looks cute until you need it.
Well that's all for today....good luck
Whatever you do have a great day!!!!


'T' said...

I commented. :)

'T' said...

I follow you... not the bad stalking kind of follow... just follow your blog. :)

Pogue Fam said...

Ok, So you are doing ALL kinds of giveaways over here and I keep missing them! Sheesh... well I love these cute little cards in their holders and I think I should win one of 'em hehe :) You are amazing by the way. Great job at all the crafts!

Ben and Linds said...

Love these!!! They are so cute!!!

P.S. I loved the Easter baskets you sent me!!!! Thanks!