Thursday, March 18


One thing that I have truly appreciated
throughout the years is all of the people
that have come into and out of my life.
Wether through crafting, military, church,
school, or working out they have all
had a major impact on my life.
Now I am the first to admit....I am a horrible
friend!!! Now don't get me wrong, I am good
when they are close and I can see them regularly!!!
But, move them across the country and although I
think of them often, I am horrible about
picking up the phone, sending an e-mail, or
a card. I am a horrible long distance friend.
I just want all of you to know that I do care
about all of you very much and I think of you
and your families all the time!!!!
My life is better knowing that you have been
or are a part of it. So thank you for all you do
or have done and this card.....via my blog.....

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'T' said...

I feel like that card was right in my mailbox! With thanks! Tiniel