Friday, February 26

Wings of Friendship

I just love this card. When I showed it
to Travis (my husband) he liked it a lot....
he said if he didn't know I had just made it
he would have been afraid to touch it. He said it
looked like it could crumble with the slightest touch.
I really wanted the card to look
I roughed up the edges really good, and I
bent the corners and really messed the paper up.
Then I got my little sponge and my Chocolate Chip
ink pad and went to town on all the edges.
I guess it worked....alright!!!
I didn't put a greeting on this card....
actually I don't put them on any!!!!
At least until I decide exactly who
I am sending them to and what it is for.
I really don't like the idea of puting
a greeting on it when I make it and then
having to make another one just because
the greeting is wrong.
Am I the only one who does that?
Here's what I used:
  • Kraft card stock #102125
  • Old Olive card stock # 100702
  • Chocolate Chip classic ink pad #
  • Rose Red stampin' write marker #100063
  • Old Olive grosgrain ribbon #111368
  • Wings of Friendship stamp set #114308
  • SNAIL adhesive #104332
  • Butterfly brad

Until next time have fun experimenting....

Whatever you do have a great day!!!!

Thursday, February 25

Sick as a Dog

My dad was in the hospital over the
weekend, and I wanted to send a card
to him that would put a smile on his face
and let him know that I was thinking of
him (from 1000 miles away). I may not
be able to visit him, but I can send my love
in another way.
This is a really cute and pretty simple
card to make. It took me about 15 min.
to make this card from start to finish.
Here's what I used:
  • Whisper White card stock #100730
  • Kraft card stock #102125
  • Chocolate Chip classic ink pad #100908
  • Many Marvelous Markers #105541
  • Wellness Wishes stamp set #115356
  • Chocolate Chip Curduroy buttons #114339
  • Linen Thread #104119
  • SNAIL adhesive #104332
  • Blue Brads

Until next time have fun experimenting....

Whatever you do have a great day!!!!

Wednesday, February 24

Easy Peasy...

I love Cards that are way easy.
And this was WAY EASY!!!!
This card took all of 5 minutes to
gather the supplies and make the card.
Talk about EASY.....did I tell you this card was
Here's what I used:
  • Whisper White card stock #100730
  • Basic Black classic ink pad #101179
  • In Color marker set #116329
  • Melon Mambo Polka-Dot ribbon #115611
    Well Scripted stamp set cm#118601
  • Happy Moments cm#119125

See easy peasy!!!I love really simple cards that take no time at

all to put together, but look great at the same time.

Until next time have fun experimenting....

Whatever you do have a great day!!!

Tuesday, February 23


Alright so I made this card for my nephew...
who lost his first tooth. I know it doesn't
have anything to do with a tooth. But
he doesn't know or care....he's's cute....

So now for the will get the 5 cards
and coordinating envelopes (below). All you have to do is.....
1. Leave a comment on this post (1 point possible)
1. Tell a friend and have them leave a comment on this post
(1 point for you 1 point for them, each friend)
have them say who sent them.
3. Follow my blog (2 points)
It's that easy
For every point you have your name will
be entered into the drawing. You get 1 point
for every friend that visits. So if you have
4 points your name goes in 4 times, 6 points :
6 times, 8 points : 8 times.....and so on.

I have not stamped a greeting on the cards
so that they can be used for any occasion.
However ....if you (the winner) would
like a some other
greeting, I would be happy to add it for you.
I will have the drawing in 2 weeks. So stay tuned
for the winner so that I can get an address to send the loot to.
I will place a button in the sidebar linked to
this post so you don't have to hunt for it, because
I like things to be easy.

Until next time have fun experimenting....
Whatever you do have a great day.

Monday, February 22

Mod Podge Monday you have probably
already guessed that it's storage.
That seems to be my theme lately.
But can you guess what kind....
does that even make sense?
by what kind I mean....
well I don't even know
how the heck are you going
to know?
Well this is the biggest clue I can give.
These are 3 cute little metal tins I found...
once again on clearance.
for all 3 of them I spent about 3 dollars.
I loved the stenciling that I did
on last weeks Mod Podge Monday....
so I continued the theme.
This and the next are just a couple of
close ups to get a better look.

The lids had this really
cool pattern on them. I just loved it.
And this is what they looked like before.
Once again....cute tins....just not really
my taste. Until now!!

I am really enjoying working with the
Mod Podge. I am excited to branch out and
get a little more daring with what I
am using the Mod Podge on.
I am still learning and that's exactly
what I am going to tell myself every
time I look at these tins and see the bubbles
in the paper all over the place.
I need to figure out a good way to work
the bubble out from under without
tearing the paper....because once the paper
has the Mod Podge on it get's pretty fragile.
Any suggestions?
Until next time have fun experimenting....
Whatever you do have a great day!!!

Saturday, February 20

It was my first

It's true I was a card group virgin.....
Until today, I went to a card group
....and I loved it. I can't
wait until next month.
The theme for February was Men's birthdays.
We all met at Lisa's house and she taught us
how to make this card. (above)
We did a reverse emboss (I don't know if
it is really called that) with the tool stamps.
We sanded paper....I had never done that before.
It gives the paper a really fun texture and
pulls the white through....both techniques
that I will be using again very soon.
Just check out all of these cute cute cards
I got to swap with people.

And just to top of a perfect day...
Candice brought a huge tote of stamps,
stickers, scissors, and all kinds of loot
that she was getting rid of. So not only
did I walk away with 11 new cards I got a bagfull
of goodies to boot!!!!
Tune in March 20th to see all the
cute cards from the next time we meet.
Until next time have fun experimenting.....
Whatever you do have a great day!!!

Friday, February 19

Out of the box

Alright...well I just was not sure
about this card....
(I do that a lot...I am so bad!!!)
I am definitely my own worst enemy!!!
I made it 2 weeks ago getting ready
for Valentine's Day and just set
it aside. Then I had some guests
over and they loved it.
So I decided to post it today.
It could work for any occasion...
just change up the saying or the
items out of the box.
Here's what I used:
  • Whisper White card stock #100730
  • Chocolate Chip designer paper #112164
  • Chocolate Chip classic ink pad #100908
  • Cameo Coral classic ink pad #103035
  • Out of the box stamp set #115342
  • Happy Together stamp set #114314
  • Word window punch #105090
  • SNAIL adhesive #104332
  • Brown ribbon
  • Dimensionals
Until next time have fun experimenting....
Whatever you do have a great day!!!

Thursday, February 18

A few adjustments...

Do you remember my post from yesterday?
You can scroll down just a tad and see it.....
if you want.
Well I wanted to change it up a little....
and this is what I came up with.
I don't know if I like it more than the other
one but I just wanted and adjustment.
Do you like it more or less?....or the same? you remember these thank you
cards I made? Well I really don't like it
when the envelope is way bigger than the card.
So I got out my ruler and
after about 5 hours (eh)...I came up with a
template for an envelope to fit the card.
This going in a fireproof

And I made the envelope match the card....
love love love coordinating items....
Until next time have fun experimenting....
Whatever you do have a great day!!!

Wednesday, February 17

driving by with a birthday Hi

Alright...I am not really sure how I feel about
this card....I feel like something needs
to change or I need to add something more.
Maybe I need to make the vanilla and
old olive pieces smaller....I don't know
I will be tinkerin around with this one.
Do you have any suggestions?
Anyways....I really love the Loads of Love stamp is so versatile and just so cute too!!!
I am going to a card group for the first
time on Saturday and I am supposed to make
a dozen birthday cards for men.
And I think cards for men are the hardest!!!
Oh man I am so nervous.....
So tell me do you think this card is suitable
for a man or is it not masculine enough?
Here's what I used:
  • Very Vanilla card stock #101650
  • Chocolate Chip card stock #102128
  • Ruby Red card stock #102030
  • Old Olive card stock #100702
  • Chocolate Chip classic ink pad #100908
  • Old Olive classic ink pad #102277
  • Loads of love stamp set #115022
  • Loads of love accesories stamp set #115024
  • Stampin Sponges #101610
  • Alpine ribbon originals #113100
  • SNAIL adhesive #104332
  • colored pencils
Until next time have fun experimenting....
Whatever you do have a great day!!!

Monday, February 15

Mod Podge Monday

Alright can you guess this time?
Do you know yet?
Here's a little clue... I do a lot of storage stuff....
BUT I need it....EveNtUalLy
I will Mod Podge other things too ;)
So I started out with just designer paper....
and it was way too plain!!!!
And it hit me...why not stencil it?
I have been on a bird kick lately....
so I decided to stencil birds and branches.
And it looks amazing....
I used Timber Brown StazOn ink for
the container itself. Then I used my Stampin Up!
inks for the stenciling. It was a lot of fun making
this and seeing it all come together.
Before I thought of stenciling the birds
and branches I was ready to just throw
everything away and scrap the whole project.
Do you ever have those days?

I have never really stenciled before....
I tend to gather them...for some reason.
But this is probably the first time I
have really used them for something
other than Letters. It was so fun!!!

I really needed somewhere to put all of these
goodies...they were in hiding in a box! Because they were in this ugly bag!!!
They were so ashamed!!!

And now they are so happy!!!
Well at least I husband even likes it.
So Woot woot....something I can have on the
desk that is functional and fabulous!!
So this was the starting look of these containers.
Although they weren't really my style...they were
on clearance (and I have a really hard time passing
up something on clearance even if I don't need it)!!!!
Oh you do it too....don't judge...hehehe ;)
So I got them for like $2....and now look at them
Beautiful....I can't stop smiling.

Well until next time have fun experimentin....
Whatever you do have a great day!!!

Saturday, February 13

Loads of Love Bag

Yet another Valeninte idea....
but this will be the last of those.
Well I really love this bag!!! I decided to
sponge the edges and rough them up!!
It was just to ...bleh....while I was
going through the test run.
I hope you like it....because
I DO!!!!
Have a great Valentine's Day
I hope you treasure every moment
you get to spend with your families
and Loved Ones!!!!
Here's what I used:
  • Very Vanilla card stock #101650
  • Cameo Coral card stock #100475
  • Chocolate Chip cardstock #102128
  • Cameo Coral classic ink pad #103035
  • Chocolate Chip classic ink pad #100908
  • Loads of love stamp set #115022
  • Word Window punch #105090
  • SNAIL adhesive #104332
  • Dimensionals
  • rough up the edges
  • Ribbon

Until next time have fun experimenting....

Whatever you do have a great day!!!!

Friday, February 12

Top Note Valentine bag

Alright....I just had to try this cute little bag.
Isn't is just adorable?
This is a really cute way to hand out
some goodies for Valentine's Day!!
Looking at it in the pictures....I should
have moved the love bugs in the scallop
down a little more, go ahead you
can say it....i'm right. It's cute anyway.
I am pretty sure this is the only time I
have seen bugs and liked them. Any other
time a bug was holding candy for me
I would have to scream.
Here's what I used:
  • Whisper White card stock #100730
  • Cameo Coral card stick #100475
  • Top Note die #113463
  • Cameo Coral classic ink pad #103035
  • Classic black classic ink pad #101179
  • Stampin Pastels #105542
  • Blender Pen #102845
  • Paper piercer #116631
  • Mat pack #105826
  • SNAIL adhesive # 104332
  • Love Bug stamp set #115233
  • Sizzix Big Kick
  • Scallop Circle punch
  • 13/8 circle punch
  • 3/4 circle punch
  • White lunch bag
  • Dimensional
  • White ribbon

Until next time have fun experimenting....

Whatever you do have a great day!!!