Saturday, February 20

It was my first

It's true I was a card group virgin.....
Until today, I went to a card group
....and I loved it. I can't
wait until next month.
The theme for February was Men's birthdays.
We all met at Lisa's house and she taught us
how to make this card. (above)
We did a reverse emboss (I don't know if
it is really called that) with the tool stamps.
We sanded paper....I had never done that before.
It gives the paper a really fun texture and
pulls the white through....both techniques
that I will be using again very soon.
Just check out all of these cute cute cards
I got to swap with people.

And just to top of a perfect day...
Candice brought a huge tote of stamps,
stickers, scissors, and all kinds of loot
that she was getting rid of. So not only
did I walk away with 11 new cards I got a bagfull
of goodies to boot!!!!
Tune in March 20th to see all the
cute cards from the next time we meet.
Until next time have fun experimenting.....
Whatever you do have a great day!!!

1 comment:

'T' said...

men card, so smart. i only make em for girls usually :)