Monday, February 15

Mod Podge Monday

Alright can you guess this time?
Do you know yet?
Here's a little clue... I do a lot of storage stuff....
BUT I need it....EveNtUalLy
I will Mod Podge other things too ;)
So I started out with just designer paper....
and it was way too plain!!!!
And it hit me...why not stencil it?
I have been on a bird kick lately....
so I decided to stencil birds and branches.
And it looks amazing....
I used Timber Brown StazOn ink for
the container itself. Then I used my Stampin Up!
inks for the stenciling. It was a lot of fun making
this and seeing it all come together.
Before I thought of stenciling the birds
and branches I was ready to just throw
everything away and scrap the whole project.
Do you ever have those days?

I have never really stenciled before....
I tend to gather them...for some reason.
But this is probably the first time I
have really used them for something
other than Letters. It was so fun!!!

I really needed somewhere to put all of these
goodies...they were in hiding in a box! Because they were in this ugly bag!!!
They were so ashamed!!!

And now they are so happy!!!
Well at least I husband even likes it.
So Woot woot....something I can have on the
desk that is functional and fabulous!!
So this was the starting look of these containers.
Although they weren't really my style...they were
on clearance (and I have a really hard time passing
up something on clearance even if I don't need it)!!!!
Oh you do it too....don't judge...hehehe ;)
So I got them for like $2....and now look at them
Beautiful....I can't stop smiling.

Well until next time have fun experimentin....
Whatever you do have a great day!!!

1 comment:

Nonnie said...

This is such a cute idea!!! I love it!!! I have mine in little plastic totes because I have so many, but these could work really well and look so great in my craft room. ;0)
You should make more and sell them! Did you use ink pads to do the color, or a paint? And what is Mod Podge?