Monday, February 8

More Mod Podge Monday

Alright can you guess what it is this time?

what could it be......?

Alright well let me give you a few clues.....Have you got it?

it's my new (specially designed) desk organizer!!!

I just can't get enough storage space and this
is a huge help on my desk!!!!

This is what it looked like before
I got a hold of it.

Alright so this plain ol' coffee mug
is what I was using for all of my
pens and pencils and scissors....
I know, I know
it's embarrassing but true!!!

BUT NOW.....all of the things I use the
most when crafting are handy and organized.
I love it!! I am so happy with the end result.
I love love love Mod Podge and all it can do.

Until next time have fun experimenting....
Whatever you do have a great day!!!

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