Monday, February 22

Mod Podge Monday you have probably
already guessed that it's storage.
That seems to be my theme lately.
But can you guess what kind....
does that even make sense?
by what kind I mean....
well I don't even know
how the heck are you going
to know?
Well this is the biggest clue I can give.
These are 3 cute little metal tins I found...
once again on clearance.
for all 3 of them I spent about 3 dollars.
I loved the stenciling that I did
on last weeks Mod Podge Monday....
so I continued the theme.
This and the next are just a couple of
close ups to get a better look.

The lids had this really
cool pattern on them. I just loved it.
And this is what they looked like before.
Once again....cute tins....just not really
my taste. Until now!!

I am really enjoying working with the
Mod Podge. I am excited to branch out and
get a little more daring with what I
am using the Mod Podge on.
I am still learning and that's exactly
what I am going to tell myself every
time I look at these tins and see the bubbles
in the paper all over the place.
I need to figure out a good way to work
the bubble out from under without
tearing the paper....because once the paper
has the Mod Podge on it get's pretty fragile.
Any suggestions?
Until next time have fun experimenting....
Whatever you do have a great day!!!

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'T' said...

Your name shall be: Crafty Crafterson.