Monday, March 8

So tweet....

That's what I think about these cards!!!
I just love the simplicity and cuteness of them.
I don't know why I like birds so much,
but I do....
They are just so cute...
They make me smile.....
and smiling is birds are good in my book!!!
I made these little birdies using my cricut.....
which I lOVE!!!! But, I am still figuring it out.
it is fairly new and I would love to just buy every
cartridge I see but unfortunately I don't live
in a fairy tale.....pretty darn close....but reality
none the less.
So I used the Stretch your imagination cartridge.
It is really cute and I am sure there are about a
million different things you could do with this
cartridge, but once again....reality, I am still learning!!
Have fun experimenting....
Whatever you do have a great day!!!!

1 comment:

'T' said...

I ♥ my Cricut. I ♥ this card!