Thursday, April 1

Paper Flowers

First you need 5 scallop circles
I use double sided paper....that way I know
they will look good together and it brings so much
more color to the flower.
You don't have to do this but I like to....
I sponge the edges....chocolate chip....but obviously
you can use any color you like or no color at all.
Here is the sponged edges with both sides
of the paper.....
Now you just crumple up all the scallops
really really really good!!! You can't mess this
up.... Just have fun with it.
Now you unfold them and stack them in the
order you would like them to be in.
Here I use my Mat Pack and paper piercer.
These tools make it so much easier to
place a hole and then a brad!!!!
So with all 5 stacked pierce a hole right
into the middle.
If you used the Mat Pack then you simply
pull out the paper piercer and the hole from it stays.
Then you can slide the brad right into it.
If not then....I used to jab a small pair of scissors
into the center or just stick the brad in piece by piece.
So now you get to crumple some more....YAY!!!!
Start with the top scallop and crinkle it to the middle...
then do the second layer....then the third layer
do you get where I am going?
So below I have 5 different flowers at each
crumple stage so you can see the progression.
Now that all layers are crumpled up nice and tight....
you can start uncrumpling....
gently tug out the bottom layer, but don't flatten it out
you want it to still be in the shape of....well....
kind of like a bowl, a wrinkly paper bowl.
Now do the next layer
Keep going with the next layer.....
and the next one....

And finally open the last layer just enough
so you can see the brad and the inside paper.
And you have created some very unique beautiful
flowers. Here are the 5 flowers that I made.
1 & 2
3 & 4

and the last 5th flower....
I hope you like these flowers...they are really very pretty
flowers!!! You can have so much fun mixing and matching
colors to go with anything. You can even leave some of
the inner layers crumpled to make it look more like a bud.
Just have fun with it....that's what crafting is all about.
(Sorry for my made up words.... ;) )
Whatever you do have a great day!!!


'T' said...

Who's the Easter Bunny?!
Who is awesome?!
Who made my family's day?!
THANKS for spoiling your favorite cousin (I added that for pure fun) with a package of goodies in the mail. We are all ecstatic.


Ben and Linds said...

Love this flowers... you are very ceative!!!