Monday, April 12

A little help

So, I took this ordinary binder I got on clearance

at a computer store and turned it into this.

I just took a reagular binder smothered it with

Mod Podge

Picked some paper that I liked and stuck it on.

Then I used my Cricut for the flowers and the lettering....and I layered

them and played around a bit and came up with this.

.... I needed some help to get my

stamps somewhat organized. That is pretty hard

to do because we are in temporary living right now.

I saw this idea on someone else's blog and I thought

this is perfect for me right now....and it will help later too.

So obviously I can't fit my stamps inside here

but tomorrow I will show you the indside and explain

just how this little binder is going to be a huge help

and timesaver to me with all of my crafting.

Whatever you do have a great day!!!!

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'T' said...


00I got your check in the mail (thank you!), it will get deposited by the end of the week I believe. Thanks again SOOOO
much... I'll be mailing out your cards soon. T