Friday, September 10

Senior Gomez

Meet Senior Gomez
(you have to say it with a Spanish accent)
For my birthday, my lovely husband got me a
sewing machine. I was so stinkin excited!!!!
For my birthday my sister had a baby....well
maybe that wasn't for my birthday, but she did have
Mason 1 week after my birthday!!!
Just a few days old poor little Mason had to be rushed to
the ER because he was having trouble breathing.
My sister (Savanah) and her husband (Daniel)
were heartbroken when they found out
Mason was allergic to their 2 cats. It was an easy
decision that they had to get rid of the cats
but it weighed heavy on them!!!
So I made my very first project on my brand new
machine......this poor pitful, homely, no eyeball
kitty kat named Senior Gomez!!! I wanted
my sister and her husband to be able to remember (like
they could forget) their two amazing cats and still
be able to have a cat in the house.

And even though I messed up this poor
Senior Gomez (my spanish accent sounds french)
about 35 different places, I know that in his new
home those mess ups will be looked at with love
and fond memories!! So Adios my little kitty friend
you get shipped to your new home tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!!

P.S. I am back now and will be posting again daily......
and I will be having more giveaways so stick around ;)