Tuesday, September 21

Halloween giveaway!!!!

I have said it once and I will say it again.
I love Halloween!!!!!
I wanted to make some really simple and yet
really cute Halloween decorations.....so I did.
Then, I got to thinking....I need to do a giveaway!!!!
So I am.....
There will be two winners. One will get BOO
and the other will get EEK.
Here's how you can win:
Points=name entered in drawing
1. Leave a comment on this post
(one point possible)
2. Tell a friend and have them leave a comment
with a little shout out to you
(one point for them, one point for you for each friend)
3. Follow my blog
(2 points)
Easy peasy.....just like these frames.
If you don't win you can make them yourself!!!!
But, who doesn't like to win things?
So give it a shot!!!!
Just an idea.....maybe in your comment you
can say what you are going to dress up as for Halloween.
I guess that is, if you are dressing up.....Travis and I need
some ideas anyway.
What should we dress up as for Halloween?


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah cute stuff, what did you use to cut the letters, I love stampin UP stuff, thanks for sharing your idea's
Lisa Criswell

polly said...

Hey Sarah, love these, they are so cute, I think one of our favorite Halloween's was when I was Little Bo Peep, Jeremy was the Big Bad Wolf and our kids were sheeps!! It was so fun, a lot of people didn't even recognize us. Maybe you could dress up your dog as a sheep???? Love you guys and miss you tons!

'T' said...

I follow your blog! Love, Tiniel

I'm leaving a comment! Love, Tiniel

With the way I look in the mornings sometimes I think I'll be Hagrid from Harry Potter. You and Travis should be Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda! :) Not that Travis looks like him, just know you're an exercise girl.

The Koali said...

we miss you guys... you around in the next few weeks for a sunday dinner?? let me know..

sara kowallis

Barb said...

Sarah you're tooooo cute, not to mention totaly amazing. You make the cutest stuff!!!!! And I don't think I'm the least bit prejudice, I'm just blessed to see true gifts in people. Love MOM