Wednesday, March 14

Blog Revamp

Hello my crafty friends!!
First off, I want to say sorry for my
lengthy hiatus.  I had a lot going on
but things are calming down now around here.
I have a new baby boy Fletcher, and I am loving
being a first time mom!!! He is now 2 months old
and I am feeling ready to start crafting more
 and blogging daily again. 
I am changing things around on the blog.
I will be posting something daily M-F
and an occassional Saturday (starting 3/19) . 
 I am adding some club options, a calendar of events, a
 reward punch card, and a lot of little extras.  
 So check back in next week ( and every day
after that ;o ) 

1 comment:

Katie Craig said...

He's such a CUTIE! Can't wait to see you guys again :) Love ya!