Saturday, January 30

Mod Podge Monday

Oh my goodness....what could it be?
(not the buttons silly)

The suspense is killing me....
(alright, I know you can see the last pic)

Yeah...more fun storage!!!

These are my Mod Podge Mason Jars

So I experimented with Mod Podge for the
first time....and it was so fun and MESSY!!!
(Heck that's probably why it was so fun)
so from left to right we have tissue paper,
designer paper, fabric, and more tissue paper.

It was trial and error....touch and go...
but I feel that the tissue paper was the easiest
to work with. However, I really like the look of the paper
and would suggest having a smooth mason
jar to work with if you are using paper....
but, this was my first time using Mod Podge.
I hope you like them......they were a lot of fun
to make and they are even fun to look at.
And knowing that I made them is even better

Until next time have fun experimenting.
Whatever you do have a great day.

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